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How to: Get A CNA Job

getting a cna job

How to: Get a CNA Job

Obtaining a good career can seem difficult and even impossible at times. For most people, recent economic hardship has made finding a job even harder than before. But there is good news, Obama care has inspired an enormous increase in healthcare demand across the United States. This directly benefits anyone seeking a position in this rewarding and stable sector. Currently, employers are hiring nurses, Certified Nursing Assistant’s (CNA’s) and Home Health Aides (HHA’s) faster than ever to keep up with the growing demand. For example, most hospitals in the Miami area are so short on CNA’s they have offered special incentives to attract potential employees. These massive CNA job openings can be found all across the United States.

This being said, it is not as easy as walking into a hospital and filling out a application. There are a few critical requirements and recommendations you should take into consideration before applying for a CNA position. More specifically, there are three main requirements you should focus on in order to get hired as a CNA. First, you must be properly licensed within the State you plan to work in. Second, you must obtain a CPR/Basic Life Support Training. Third, you should create a powerful resume and cover letter which will highlight your talent and desire for the position you seek. Missing any of the these three requirements will only delay you in your quest to get a CNA job.


Step 1: Get Your CNA License

Before any type of nursing employment, such as a CNA, you must meet minimum educational and regulatory requirements. CNA positions do not require an enormous amount of certification, however, you must be legally ableSTART NOW Button (web internet power on continue click here go) to work. To legally be able to work you must be licensed to work in the State your applying in. To begin your journey to becoming licensed/certified as a CNA we suggest using our 100% Free CNA online classes course. To begin your course simply click the “Start Now” button and follow all further instructions. After completing our free classes we suggest you contact your local nursing board for additional requirements.


Step 2: CPR & Basic Life Support

Almost all employers of CNA’s require a valid CPR certification. Fortunately for American Health Care Academyyou, these certifications are very easily and cheaply obtained. There are many different options to choose from, including many options online such as: American Health Care Academy.



Step 3: Your Resume and Cover Letter

Finally, once you are ready to apply for the position, you need a good way to highlight your achievements and Resume Companioncertifications while making you stand out among other applicants. Your resume and cover letter are going to be the first items your employer utilizes to decide whether or not your qualified for the position.  A good resume and cover letter is crucial for securing the job while a poor resume may discourage the hiring manager for further communicating with you. A resume that is too long or too short may discourage an employer from hiring you as their nursing assistant. We suggest you utilize the internet and research proper resume and cover letter building skills prior to turning in mediocre documents. To make things even easier websites like there is websites like Resume Companion.