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Nursing Medical Supplies

Although no nursing medical supplies are required to use our Free online CNA course, we do recommend you consider purchasing a few different medical training items. Within the following we will recommend a few different nursing tools that will assist you in your nursing assistant studies. These medical supplies may be required by your future employer. For more information on critical nursing supplies please read further.


Our first recommendation is a CNA exam cram book (displayed above). The information within is extremely valuable and will make the process of testing a lot easier. Furthermore, within the medical world you will encounter many foreign terms and descriptions. These two books (located left and right) are designed to familiarize you with the different medical terminology and anatomical descriptions one should expect to encounter in their nursing assistant career.

After you have caught up on your reading you will need to apply your skills. For this you will need a few critical nursing supplies. One of the most widely used tool is the stethoscope. A stethoscope serves many different applications for CNA’s from checking someones pulse rate to measuring a individuals blood pressure. Below is an affordable stethoscope we highly recommend purchasing. When you begin working in your career you will be require to own one of these devices.