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 To obtain your CNA license you will need to complete the following four general tasks. Please keep in mind that these may vary depending on which state you reside in. For example, some states may require you to obtain a CPR certification prior to getting licensed as a CNA. Other states, such as Florida, do not require you to have a CPR prior to licensure.  To check what your state requirements are we recommend contacting the agency responsible for CNA licensing. Within the final section of our CNA online course you will find State specific requirements along with it's agency's contact information.

Task One, study study study!

This is most critical step in obtaining your CNA license. Without proper education on what a CNA is, what they do, and how they do it you will never be able to become one. Fortunately for you, we offer all the information needed to properly educate yourself on all aspects CNA related.

Take your time and learn all the CNA material that we provide you. Whether its reading, practice tests, or videos, dedicate as much time as you can to studying and really commit to the material. Go over it twice, three times, or even a thousand times, just know it! A thorough understanding of all the nursing material within this course will save you time and money by enabling you to pass your CNA certification test the first time. Blowing through our course in hopes to get your license quick will only leave you in disappointment and could cost you lots of time and money.

Task Two, Obtaining a CPR certification:

As mentioned previously, this step may not be necessary to get your license. However, it is very important in becoming a CNA because all employers require CPR certification. This being said, obtaining a CPR certification is extremely easily and you probably already have one. In the case that you do not have yours, most hospitals and community centers (i.e. the YMCA) offer CPR courses. It is also possible to get CPR certified online, however, beware that there is a possibility it may not get recognized by your future employer(s).

Task Three, apply for your background check, fingerprinting, and testing.

Once you have studied your brain loose and completed any additional requirements, such as CPR certification, you will now be ready to apply for your background check, fingerprinting, and testing. This task will be covered in further detail towards the end of the course.

Task four, test day:

As long as you have met all of your state's requirements and your application has been accepted you will be issued a testing date. On your test day you will show up to a testing center to take your exam. The exam will be a combination of a written component along with a clinical component (you acting out the skills your about to learn in our course). If you successfully pass you will be issued a CNA license and allowed to work as a CNA.

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