• 2 Washcloths

  • 3 Towels (One for tray table, one for left foot, one for right foot)

  • Chuck Pad

  • 1 Pair of gloves

  • 2 Basins

  • Soap

  • Lotion

How to perform the skill:

  1. Knock on door

  2. Greet resident by name

  3. Introduce yourself and what your doing.

  4. Provide for privacy

  5. Wash Hands

  6. Check Patients ID

  7. Gather linens supplies and place on tray table after you cover it

  8. Place chuck pad on floor in front of resident

  9. Put on gloves

  10. Place washcloth in each basin, place one towel over rinse basin to keep from getting cold.

  11. Remove resident's shoe or sock and place under the chair. Check temperature of water with wrist then dry wrist on barrier towel.

  12. Allow resident to check water temperature with their heel, before placing their entire foot in the water basin.

  13. Using one washcloth, put soap on cloth, and lather. Start to wash foot.

  14. Wash top of foot with one side, bottom of foot with other side then wash between toes with each corner of the wash cloth use the method of never touching with the other hand.

  15. Offer rinse basin and repeat step one by first checking water temperature then allowing them to apply heel. Place resident's foot in water to rinse thoroughly.

  16. Rinse foot like you have washed it. Remove foot and pat dry top, bottom, and between toes, using different part of the cloth each time.

  17. Using lotion, warm in hands and rub lotion on top and bottom.

  18. Do not put between toes.

  19. Pat dry any excess lotion.

  20. Put on sock and smooth out wrinkles, place foot in shoe and then on ground.

  21. Clean area, rinse basin twice, pat dry with clean paper towels and dispose of all dirty linens and trash. Store basins and supplies with clean DRY paper towels.

  22. Take off gloves, wash hands, ask how they want the head of bed left, give call light and un-provide for privacy.


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