In the event of emergency situations these general guidelines may assist you. Please keep in mind these are broad guidelines and other guidelines/rules may, most likely, supersede these instructions.

General rules for emergency care

  1. Do not perform procedures you are not licensed to do or your not familiar with.

  2. Stay Calm

  3. Follow standard Precautions and Blood Borne Pathogens Precautions

  4. Know where to find emergency supplies

  5. Check for breathing, pulse, or bleeding

  6. Do not move the person, this could make their problems worse

  7. Call for help

  8. Do not remove clothes unless absolutely necessary

  9. Cover the person with a blanket in order to keep warm

  10. Do not give the person fluid or food

  11. Try to maintain privacy and keep bystanders at a safe distance

The Heimlich Maneuver is used to relieve an obstructed airway.

In the event of an external hemorrhage you should call for help. DO NOT move any objects that have pierced the skin.

Seizures are sudden tremors or contractions of muscle groups caused by abnormalities. You cannot stop a seizure but you can help prevent the person from injuring themselves by:

  • Lower the person to the floor and move surrounding dangerous objects

  • Turn the person on their side

  • Never leave alone

  • Call for help

  • Place soft item under the persons head

  • Loosen any tight jewelry or clothing around the neck

  • Never restrain the person

  • Never put objects especially your finger in their mouth.

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