1. 2 Towels

  2. Toothpaste

  3. Cup of clean water

  4. Toothbrush

  5. Gloves

  6. Wash Cloth

  7. Emesis

  8. Basin

How to perform the skill:

  1. Knock on patients door, then enter.

  2. Greet patient by name and introduce yourself and what your doing

  3. Provide for privacy (By shutting the drapes)

  4. Wash Hands and put on gloves (See the proper way to put on gloves on the bottom of this page, as this will be useful threw out your other skills.)

  5. Check patients ID (Make sure its the right patient)

  6. Gather linens and supplies and place on tray table covered with a towel.

  7. Ask the patient if its ok to raise the head of bed. Then raise to 60 degrees.

  8. Place the towel on patients chest to keep gown dry.


  10. Fill up a cup 1/2 full of water (cold) from sink. Have them take a sip and spit into the basin.

  11. Wet the toothbrush from a clean cup of water over the basin and put tooth paste on the toothbrush.

  12. Brush entire areas of top teeth including gums ( brushing pattern: outside sides first, then tops, then inside sides) repeat this for bottom teeth.

  13. Ask patient to stick out their tongue and brush it.

  14. After brushing: have them spit out the tooth paste into basin & rinse there mouth (at least twice) always pat dry mouth after each spit.

  15. Take towel off clothing protector and put on tray table with other dirty linens (Keep dirty and clean separate at all times.

  16. Clean up supplies in this order

  17. Clean toothbrush out in sink and grab a paper towel with other hand use this as a barrier from your tooth brush and hand as you put it away.

  18. Rinse out basin, at least twice with hot hot water. Then pat dry and use a clean paper towel to put it away (again this is your barrier)

  19. Grab all linens from tray table and put them in dirty linen hamper

  20. remove gloves (See bottom of page for proper way to remove gloves.

  21. Wash hands

  22. Give patient call light, un provide for privacy & ask how they would like the head of bed.


  • Steps 1 - 4 will be done in all the following skills, get use to it.

  • Step 9 is highly important in this skill.

  • Learn how to properly take gloves off (Bottom of page), as this is going to be very useful and is part of the test.

How to properly take off gloves:

  1. Using the opposite hand, pull the first glove off by pinching the bottom of the glove (near the wrist) and pull off. Don't touch anything with the exposed hand.

  2. Crumble the glove that's already off in your gloved hand

  3. Use your clean exposed pointer finger to go up underneath the bottom of the glove on your other hand and pull it up and off both gloves should be bunched together hanging on you pointer finger.

  4. Throw them away.

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