How to Provide Ambulation with a Gait Belt:


  • Gait Belt


  1. Knock on the door, introduce yourself, and greet the patient

  2. Provide for privacy by shutting curtains

  3. Wash your hands

  4. Check the patient’s ID and confirm identity

  5. Ask the patient if they are feeling dizzy, if so lay them down and call the nurse

  6. Assist the patient out of chair

  7. Apply the gait belt to patient’s waist, make sure there is 2-3 fingers width of room underneath the belt

  8. Ask the patient to stand while using hands around gait belt, and assist to upright position

  9. When the patient stands check their level of comfort or if they are dizzy

  10. Place one hand on the side opposite of you to hold onto the gait belt, and place one hand on the back on the gait belt

  11. Walk at same pace as the patient taking at least 25 steps before sitting back down

  12. Walk the patient back to chair

  13. Turn and position the patient so that they can come back to the chair and sit down

  14. Assist them back into chair using good body mechanics and bending your knees so not to hurt your back

  15. Once sitting, remove the gait belt and settle the patient back into the bed.

  16. Check how the patient would like the head of the bed

  17. Place the call button in the patient’s hand

  18. Wash your hands and close the curtain


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