Seizure Treatment:

Seizures are sudden tremors or contractions of muscle groups caused by abnormalities. You cannot stop a seizure but you can help prevent the person from injuring themselves by immediately lying them down away from all sharp objects.

During a Seizure:

  1. Remove all clothing around the patient’s neck

  2. Turn the patient on their left side and make sure their mouth is open

  3. Make sure to clear all obstructions from their mouth

Heimlich Maneuver Steps:

If a patient is choking, prepare to perform the Heimlich Maneuver:

  1. Stand the patient up

  2. Position yourself directly behind them

  3. Lean the patient slightly forward at the waist and deliver 5 blows to the center of their back with the heel of your hand

  4. Place your arms around their waist and make a fist at their navel with your thumb side in, enfold your fist with your other hand

  5. Perform 5 abdominal thrusts by pushing inward and upward at the same time

  6. Repeat until patient clears obstruction

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