The meals provided for each patient contain a personal diet required for their recovery. It is essential that the patient is able to get at least 1 bite from each item on the plate. Try to encourage the patient at all times to eat more and drink more, especially if it’s required that the patient has to meet a daily limit. For this task no gloves are required, as there are many patients who are allergic to latex. When you complete the meal, let the patient know that resting in a sitting up position will help with digestion.

Feeding a Patient:


  • Towel Clothing Protector (adult bib for patient)

  • Chair

  • Spoon

  • Washcloths

  • Food Tray

  • Snack Recording Sheet

  • Water Pitcher (Filled)

  • Drinking Cup


  1. Knock on patient’s door, then enter

  2. Greet patient by name, introduce yourself, and what you are doing

  3. Provide for privacy by shutting the curtains

  4. Wash your hands

  5. Check patient’s ID to confirm identity

  6. Gather linens and supplies and place on a tray table covered with a towel

  7. At the sink, wet a washcloth making it warm

  8. Ask the patient if it’s ok to raise the head of bed to 60 degrees

  9. Cover patient’s chest with clothing protector and sit in chair at eye level with patient

  10. Check patient’s diet card and make sure its correct with patient’s name

  11. Pour water into cup from the pitcher

  12. Offer patient to clean their hands with the warm washcloth

  13. Ask patient what food they would like to eat first and then start to feed then with a partially full spoon

  14. Make sure to rotate food items with each bite

  15. About every 3 bites ask if they want a drink and provide so if needed

  16. Encourage the patient to eat as much as they can and pat mouth dry as needed with washcloth.

  17. Make sure to communicate with the resident throughout the meal

  18. When the resident states that they are full, encourage 1 more bite

  19. Put the food tray back on shelf and place the resident in an upright position

  20. Place dirty linens in hamper

  21. Leave water if allowed

  22. Wash your hands

  23. Place the call light in the patient’s hand and pull the curtain closed

  24. Record food and water on the patient’s intake chart


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