Dentures are cleaned as if they are natural teeth. They can break easily so you will need to take special care and be careful not to drop them. When they are not in use they need to be stored in cool water to prevent them from drying out. You always was them in tepid water never warm this will cause them to crack.


  • 2 Towels

  • Denture Brush

  • Toothette

  • Toothpaste

  • Dentures

  • Denture Case

  • Emesis Basin

  • Cup of water 1 Washcloth

  • gloves

  • Tray

How to Perform the Skill:

Part One

  1. Knock on patients door, then enter.

  2. Greet patient by name and introduce yourself and what your doing

  3. Provide for privacy (By shutting the drapes)

  4. Wash Hands

  5. Check patient ID.

  6. Gather Supplies and linens and place on tray table & over table with towel.

  7. Put on gloves & set up supplies on tray table then go to sink, bring dentures which are in the case and case (Just keep them in case), toothpaste, and denture brush.

  8. At sink, grab a paper towel fold it up and set the denture case with dentures still in it on the top of the sink.

  9. Place paper towels in the bottom, to keep dentures from breaking if dropped.

  10. Turn water on and make sure its cold, Check temperature with wrist. Don't let the water run fast.

  11. Take dentures out of case, (Set lid on paper towel), hold dentures in one hand in the case with water in the other.

  12. Rinse case out two times and fill with cold water, set aside on counter.

  13. Using a small amount of toothpaste brush dentures on ALL areas.

  14. Rinse dentures off & put into case filled with water, put on lid.

  15. Rinse off denture brush and store in dresser with denture case, and toothpaste MAKE SURE to use a BARRIER paper towel.

Part Two

  1. Wash hands and put on new gloves

  2. Gather toothette and fill cup of water 1/2 full (Drinking Water) and place on tray table.

  3. Ask patient if its ok if you raise the bed to 60 degrees (Sitting up)

  4. Put towel over chest (Remember roll down away from the patient.)

  5. ASK IF THEY HAVE ANY CUTS OR SORES IN THIER MOUTH. If they do you must notify the nurse before continueing.

  6. Have them take a sip of water and spit it into the basin.

  7. Put toothpaste on toothette, pour on water (Over basin) to get it a little wet.

  8. Now brush the gums, tops first then bottom, always start on the outsides and work in.

  9. After brushing have them rinse their mouth & spit 2 times in basin and pat dry with wash clothe after each spit.

  10. Clean up time

  11. Rinse basin in sink and pour out (2) times and pat dry with clean paper towel & store with barrier.

  12. Take off gloves

  13. Wash hands

  14. Give call light

  15. Un-Provide for privacy and ask how they would like the head of bed.


  • Always communicate with the patient. If the patient is being difficult try and persuade them nicely before notifying someone.


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