The nursing care plan will tell you how often a patient’s height and weight should be taken. You can also ask your charge nurse at any time to see if it’s needed.


  • Scale

  • Recording Sheet

  • Chair

How to Perform the Skill:

  1. Guide the patient to a chair

  2. Wash your hands

  3. Provide privacy for the patient by pulling the curtain closed

  4. Ask the patient if they are dizzy, if so give them a moment to rest and offer a glass of water

  5. If they are not dizzy ask them to stand, hold onto one arm, and assist if needed

  6. Assist with walking to scale (continue to check in on their movements and balance)

  7. Pause in front of scale

  8. Zero out the scale

  9. Assist the patient as they step up onto the scale

  10. Weigh the patient and assist them off the scale and back to the chair

  11. Record the patient’s weight on the sheet provided

  12. Wash hands, place the call light in the patient’s hand and pull the curtain closed


  • You must clear the scale before weighing, another patient’s weight is considered private information

  • Always monitor the patient’s balance as they travel across the room to be weighed, continually ask the patient if they are dizzy and assist as needed


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