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Welcome to your one stop for the best free CNA classes online.  Here you will learn the tips and tricks to obtaining your nurses assistant certification. The medical field is one of the most stable and high paying career fields out there, and its self rewarding!!  We will always need nurses and nurses assistants, and in a unstable economy this gives you a sense of security that other career fields can’t offer.

Our FREE Nursing Assistant Course at a Glance:
  • A Simple guide to your CNA Certification.
  • A Step by Step Guide for each of the 21 clinical skills.
  • Fire Safety, infection control and emergency situation prep.
  • Practice Tests.
  • CNA license Prep And lots more!

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What Offers

featured-imageWe provide a 100% FREE CNA course that provides you with information needed to help you obtain a  CNA license.  Our CNA Classes include: A step by step guide to obtain your license, information on 21 general clinical skills CNA’s may encounter. This includes literature, picture examples, illustrations, practice tests, and demonstration videos. We go over material you might encounter on the state test.



Local Courses & Other Options

Don’t be fooled by other courses offered online or locally that charge for the information we offer. Such courses can be tricky and deceiving. Many of these courses claim to be a accredited nursing course, however, in many cases this is not true. Furthermore, many also offer money back guarantees. With our site you wont need a money back guarantee because you don’t have to pay for it! Its a 100% FREE online nursing assistant course.

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What is a C.N.A.?

A C.N.A., also known as a certified nursing assistant, is a person trained in basic nursing techniques and direct patient care who practices under the supervision of a registered nurse. Job responsibilities vary from checking basic vital signs to feeding a patient and beyond. This is a rewarding career for people seeking to help others and make a difference in the world we live in. It is also a very stable career choice with our current healthcare surge and the desperate need for certified nursing assistants. According to the United States department of labor ( the median annual wage for a nursing assistants was $25,620 (as of May of 2012) with some earning more than $35,330 a year. Keep in mind many individuals use this as a means to further advance in their healthcare profession. 

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