Bedpan Placement:


  • 2 Pairs of Gloves

  • 1 Washcloth

  • 1 Chux Pad

  • Bed Pan/Fracture Pan

  • Toilet Paper

  • 1 Towel (to cover table)


  1. Knock on the patient’s door, and then enter

  2. Greet the patient by name, introduce yourself, and what you’re doing

  3. Provide for privacy by shutting curtains

  4. Wash your hands

  5. Check the patient’s I.D to confirm identity

  6. If the patient is sitting up ask them if you can lay them down

  7. Have the patient roll to their side and place clean Chux pad underneath them

  8. Place fracture pan/bedpan underneath the patient’s buttocks, with the thick side of the pan forward

  9. Raise the head of the patient’s bed to a sitting position

  10. Give them toilet paper and the call button

  11. Remove gloves, wash hands, and step out of the room

  12. Re-enter the room when called

  13. Wash hands, and put on gloves

  14. Wash their hands with the wet washcloth

  15. Lower their bed to laying position

  16. Take toilet paper and put on the table

  17. Have them roll on their side and take out the dirty bed pan and Chux pad all at once

  18. Cover the patient with their sheet

  19. Go to the bathroom with the Chux pad and bed pan

  20. Throw away the Chux pad

  21. Pour the contents of the bed pan into the toilet

  22. Rinse twice with scalding water

  23. Pouring into the toilet and pat the pan dry with a paper towel

  24. The bedpan must be stored with a clean paper towel

  25. Remove gloves and wash your hands

  26. Ask patient how they would like the head of their bed

  27. Place the call light in their hand and close the curtains


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