Measuring Urine Output:


  • Pair of gloves

  • Graduate

  • Chux Pad

  • 2 Alcohol Pads

  • Recording Sheet


  1. Knock on patient’s door, and then enter.

  2. Greet patient by name, introduce yourself and what you are doing

  3. Provide for privacy by shutting curtains

  4. Wash your hands

  5. Check the patient’s ID, to confirm identity

  6. Gather your supplies

  7. Put chux pad on the ground under the urinary bag

  8. Put your gloves on

  9. Place graduated cylinder on chux pad.

  10. Open alcohol pads and place them on the chux pad

  11. Wipe the end of the tube with a alcohol pad

  12. Open urinary bag and drain into graduate, without touching any side of the graduate

  13. Clean the tip of the bag with the remaining alcohol pad

  14. Make sure the urinary bag is directly below the bladder

  15. Wrap the chux pad around the graduate and set on the back of the toilet or counter top

  16. Measure the amount in the graduate

  17. Empty the graduate into the toilet

  18. At the sink rinse the graduate twice with scalding water dumping it into the toilet

  19. Pat dry with a clean paper towel and store with a clean barrier paper towel

  20. Check the tubing to make sure its not tangled

  21. Remove gloves and wash hands

  22. Place the call button in the patient’s hand

  23. Record fluid measurement

  24. Ask the patient how would like the head of their bed

  25. Close the curtains


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