How to Provide Patient Foot Care:


  • 2 Washcloths

  • 3 Towels (One for tray table, one for left foot, one for right foot)

  • Chux Pad

  • 1 Pair of Gloves

  • 2 Basins

  • Soap

  • Lotion


  1. Knock on the door, introduce yourself, and what you’re doing

  2. Greet the patient by name and check their ID to confirm identity

  3. Provide for privacy by closing the curtains

  4. Wash your hands

  5. Gather the linens and supplies and place on the towel-covered tray table

  6. Place the Chux pad on the floor in front of the patient

  7. Put on your gloves

  8. Place the washcloth in the basin, and place one towel over the rinse basin to keep it from getting cold

  9. Remove the patient's shoes or socks and place under the chair

  10. Check the temperature of water with your wrist, dry your wrist on the barrier towel

  11. Allow the patient to check the water temperature with their heel before placing their entire foot in the water basin

  12. Put soap on one washcloth and start to wash the foot

  13. Wash the top of the foot with one side, the bottom of the foot with the other side, and between toes with each corner of the washcloth

  14. Remember to never touch your hands together, always use one hand

  15. Rinse the patient’s foot thoroughly in the basin

  16. Repeat step 11-15 with the other foot

  17. Remove the patient’s foot and pat it dry on the top, bottom, and in between toes, using different part of the cloth each time.

  18. Using lotion, warm a drop in your hands and rub lotion on the top and bottom of the foot

  19. Do not put lotion in between the patient’s toes

  20. Pat dry any excess lotion

  21. Put on the socks and smooth out the wrinkles

  22. Place the feet in the patient’s shoes and place both feed on the on ground

  23. Clean the area by rinsing the basin twice with scalding water

  24. Pat the basin dry with clean paper towels and dispose of all dirty linens and trash

  25. Store basins and supplies with clean DRY paper towels.

  26. Take off gloves and wash hands

  27. Ask the patient how they would like the head of the bead

  28. Place the call light in the patient’s hand and close the curtains


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