Keep wrinkles out of beds to decrease risks of bed or pressure sores. Never shake or fluff linens as this can spread particles.

Changing an Occupied Bed:


  • Towel

  • Fitted Sheet

  • Flat Sheet

  • Pillow Case


  1. Knock on patient’s door, then enter

  2. Greet patient by name, introduce yourself, and what you are doing

  3. Provide for privacy by shutting the curtains

  4. Wash your hands and put on gloves

  5. Check the patient’s ID to confirm identity

  6. Gather linens and supplies and place on tray table covered with a towel

  7. If the patient is sitting up, ask them if you can lay them down flat

  8. Raise the bed to your waist level

  9. Have the patient roll to the opposite side that you are on

  10. When the patient rolls over adjust pillow to middle of their head.

  11. Remove all dirty linens by rolling and tucking the sheets under the patient

  12. Place the clean fitted sheet on working side of bed and get wrinkles out

  13. Ask the patient to roll over towards you, gently help to scoot them towards you

  14. Adjust pillow again to center of head

  15. Do the same with the fitted sheet on opposite side, pulling the dirty sheets out from under with the clean sheets following

  16. As you pull dirty linens off, place them in the dirty linens hamper

  17. Unfold and place flat sheet over dirty sheet. Remember to unfold away from the patient’s face, so start at the top and unfold down

  18. Ask the patient to hold top of clean sheet

  19. Slowly pull and roll out dirty linen from under clean sheet, standing at the foot of the bed

  20. Place dirty linens in hamper

  21. Tuck flat sheet under the bottom of the mattress making hospital corners (see notes below)

  22. Make sure there is room for foot movement by pinching the sheet above the feet and pulling up a little

  23. Make sure not to shake the pillow as you change out the pillow case

  24. To change the pillowcase, pull the old one off and put it in the dirty hamper

  25. Turn the clean pillowcase inside out and stick your hand in it like a glove grabbing the pillow to pull the pillow through

  26. Take off your gloves

  27. Wash your hands

  28. Place the call light in the patient’s hand and pull the curtain closed

  29. Ask the patient how they would like their head of bed

Hospital Bedmaking Tips:

  • Every time you change sides put the safety rails up

  • Keep the patient covered at all times

  • To make hospital corners make sure to use excess sheet to fold into the mattress. Gently lift the corners of the mattress to tuck the fold sheet in. Monitor the patient as you lift the corners of the bed and make sure hand rails are on


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