How to Move and Position a Patient:


  • 1 Towel

  • 3 Pillows

  • 1 Flat Sheet


  1. Knock on the patient’s door, and then enter

  2. Greet the patient by name, introduce yourself, and what you’re doing

  3. Provide for privacy by shutting the curtains

  4. Wash your hands

  5. Check the patient’s ID to confirm identity

  6. Gather your supplies and place on a towel-covered tray table

  7. By placing one hand under the knee and one hand behind the shoulder, assist the patient in scooting their body towards you and the edge of the bed

  8. Ask the patient to roll onto their side

  9. Adjust their head pillow so their head is in the middle of the pillow

  10. Place one pillow behind their back along the spine from the waist up, tuck under, and fold the pillow in half tucking it under them again

  11. Ask the patient to roll back slightly against the pillow

  12. Ask the patient to bend their knees at a 90 degree angle

  13. With the second pillow assist the patient by lifting their thigh and placing a pillow between their legs

  14. Ensure the pillow is between their knees, ankles, and feet

  15. With the third pillow, lift the patient’s top arm placing the pillow directly under the armpit and across their chest

  16. Lift their bottom arm and tuck the other pillow corner under the armpit

  17. Make sure to keep the patient’s body off of their arm

  18. Ensure the patient’s arms are placed gently over the pillow

  19. Place the call button in the patient’s hand

  20. Put all dirty linens into the hamper

  21. Remove your gloves and wash your hands

  22. Ask the patient how they would like the head of bed

  23. Close the curtains


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