How to Partially Bathe a Patient:


  • 6 Washcloths

  • 2 Towels

  • Gown

  • Soap

  • Lotion

  • 2 Basins

  • Gloves


  1. Knock on the patient's door, and then enter

  2. Greet the patient by name, introduce yourself and what you’re doing

  3. Provide for privacy by shutting the curtains

  4. Wash your hands

  5. Check the patient's ID to confirm their identity

  6. Gather your supplies

  7. Cover the tray table with a towel

  8. Check the water temperature and fill each basin with 1 inch of water

  9. Place basins on the tray table and put the washcloths in the basins

  10. Raise the patient into a sitting position

  11. Check the water temperature with wrist and dry on barrier towel

  12. Clean eyes and face with no soap

  13. Using one corner of the washcloth for each eye stroke from the inside to the outside of the eye

  14. Place the washcloth in the basin and pat the patient’s face dry with a clean washcloth

  15. Remove the patient's gown and cover with a blanket

  16. Remember to never leave the patient exposed, towels should cover them from their toes to their shoulders

  17. Place the towel over their chest, lather washcloth with soap, and repeat the cleaning process on their neck

  18. Cleaning from the middle out, using a different side of the washcloth for each stroke

  19. Rinse neck with same process and pat dry

  20. Place towel under one arm laying on the bed

  21. Wring out cloth and lather with a small amount of soap, make a glove with washcloth

  22. Support the patient's arm under the elbow

  23. Using long strokes wipe the top of the arm with the front part of glove

  24. Using long strokes wipe the underarm with the backside of the glove, and the armpit with the fingertip edge of the glove

  25. Repeat the cleaning process on the other arm with the washcloth from the rinsed basin

  26. Pull down the bath blanket and place towel over the naval

  27. Use a cleaning and rinsing process on the chest, making circular strokes on each each side of the chest with a different side of the glove

  28. Rinse properly, pat dry, and cover the patient with a blanket

  29. Ask the patient to roll onto their side and place the towel along side of their back

  30. To clean their back, use circular strokes on each side of the back, using a different side of the washcloth glove

  31. Rinse properly, and pat dry

  32. Ask the patient if they would like a back massage and if lotion is okay

  33. Place a small amount of lotion in hands and rub together, in order to warm it

  34. Rub the patient's back in a circular motion starting at the lower back and working up, pat dry any excess lotion

  35. Remove towel and have the patient roll back into the lying position

  36. Put on a clean gown and place dirty linens in the hamper

  37. Pour water into sink, rinse twice, and pat dry with a clean paper towel

  38. Using a clean paper towel as a barrier, put away basins, soaps, and lotion

  39. Remove gloves and wash hands

  40. Place the call light in the patient’s hand and ask how they would like the head of their bed

  41. Close the curtains


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