Always let the patient choose how they want their hair combed, brushed or styled. Make sure you place a towel over the persons chest to make sure their clothes do not become soiled. Always brush/comb hair from the bottom up as this will help untangle the hair. Certified Nurses Assistants never nut toe nails. Only a Podiatrist (foot doctor) can do this.


  1. 2 Towels

  2. Orange wood Stick

  3. Emery Nail file

  4. Lotion

  5. Emphasis

  6. Basin

  7. Wash Cloth

  8. Comb

How to perform the skill:

  1. Knock on patients door, then enter.

  2. Greet patient by name and introduce yourself and what your doing

  3. Provide for privacy (By shutting the drapes)

  4. Wash Hands and put on gloves.

  5. Check patients ID (Make sure its the right patient)

  6. Gather linens and supplies and place on tray table covered with a towel.

  7. Ask the patient if its ok to raise the head of bed. Then raise to 60 degrees.

  8. Fill basin with one inch of water and check temperature with wrist.

  9. Place towel on patients chest, ask them how they would like their hair.

  10. Place patients hands in basin to soak while you do their hair, make sure fingernails are in the basin.

  11. Start at the bottom of the hair and work your way up getting knots out if any.

  12. Comb, the top, back and sides. (Make sure to comb all areas).

  13. Take hands out of basin and place on dry towel (Pat hand dry with wash cloth)& between fingers.

  14. Clean nails with orange wood stick(Swipe under nail and wipe off stick on the clean towel, swipe and wipe each time each nail is done, start going left to right.

  15. File finger nails from middle out wards (Check to make sure there are no sharp edges)

  16. Ask resident if they would like they want their hands rubbed with lotion (Warm in hands first).

  17. Rub hand with the lotion and then pat dry extra lotion with wash cloth.

  18. Now your done and its clean up time

  19. At sink rinse out basin at least 2 times, pat dry with clean paper towel (Never set basin down while you reach for a paper towel.

  20. Store basin with clean paper towel as barrier for basin, file, stick, lotion bottle, and comb.

  21. Put dirty linens in hamper

  22. Remove gloves & wash hands

  23. Give patient call light and ask how they want the head of bed, un-provide privacy.


  • Always use a barrier (Folded paper towel) when putting items away.

  • Always notify the patient what your doing. For example when your going thorough their stuff to get the supplies.

  • Always roll the towel on the chest down and away when putting it on and down and away when taking it off. You never want particles blown towards the patient.

  • Never leave the patient without putting the call light in their hand (Never say its right here "Joe- the patient") actually put it in their hand.


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