• Wheelchair

  • Gait belt

How to perform the skill:

  1. Knock on door

  2. Greet patient by name

  3. Introduce yourself and what your doing

  4. Wash hands

  5. Put on gloves

  6. Check patients ID

  7. Bring wheelchair to the end of the bed, it must be alligned with the footboard, so they do not hit it with thier feet when they are being moved.


  9. Ask patient if you can sit them up in their bed, raise head of bed.

  10. Put one arm behind their back and one arm under their knees.

  11. On the count of 3, sit them up and pivot them so that their feet are dangling over the side of the bed.

  12. Ask them if they are feeling okay.

  13. Put on their shoes or non skid socks.

  14. Put on the gait belt just below the diaphragm, be sure it is tight enough only two fingers worth of space.

  15. Plant the patients feet firmly on the ground.

  16. Move chair closer to you and angle the front slightly, be sure the front of the chair is right up against the bed.

  17. Wing out the front wheels of the chair.

  18. Place the patients knees between yours and brace them with your knees.

  19. Ask the resident into seat. Make sure legs feel back of seat before sitting and control DOWN in seat.

  20. Have patient hug their se;f, from behind them, wrap your arms around their shoulders and on the count of three, scoot them back completely in the chair.

  21. Check if patients back is against the chair.

  22. Take the gait belt off.

  23. Lift patients legs and place them on footrest.

  24. Give patient their call button, un-provide for privacy.

  25. Wash hands.


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