It is possible for a fire to place anywhere and it is always important to practice good fire safety. Below illustrates some key aspects of fire safety.

Three things are needed for a fire:

  1. Spark or flame

  2. Fuel (Material that will burn)

  3. Oxygen

The first thing you do no matter what is REMOVE the resident from immediate danger!

The RACE method is the best method to follow incase of a fire:

R - Remove resident from danger.

A - Activate alarm

C  - Confine area of fire, shut doors and windows. Fire needs oxygen to burn.

E - Extinguish the fire if possible.

Use the PASS method when using a fire extinguisher: 

P - Pull the pin.

A - Aim the hose at the base of the fire.

S - Squeeze the handle down

S - Sweep the hose back and forth towards the base of the fire.

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