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CNA Course Overview

REMEMBER! Start from the top (Steps to Get Your CNA) and work your way to the bottom (Get Your CNA!) using the page links. This is simply a CNA course overview that is designed to be used as a reference page if you need to get back to a specific section or page of the course. This page provides you the ability to navigate with ease and contains all of the course’s content. It is suggested you bookmark this page for easier retrieval. 

Steps to Get Your CNA
Whats On the Test
Course Intro
Infection Control
Fire Safety
Positioning the Patient
Emergency Situations
Skill 1
Skill 2
Skill 3
Skill 4
Skill 5
Skill 6
Skill 7
Skill 8

Skill 9
Skill 10
Skill 11
Skill 12
Skill 13
Skill 14
Skill 15
Skill 16
Skill 17
Skill 18
Skill 19
Skill 20
Skill 21
How to take off your gloves
Get Your CNA!